My Services

I’m offering:

 Creative writing, speech and moderating, for fx. online/offline magazines, events and workshops about trends, design and branding.

 Creative Communication Development: research and valuation of the present communication situation in order to review/correct it, or to formulate and implement a new communication strategy.

 Creative Innovation / Product Development with a strategic, communicative and design driven perspective.


During my career I have written Business Plans, Marketing Plans, PR-articles, Investor Relation Texts, Product Information Texts, Web Texts, Advertising Texts, Recruitment Texts, Newsletters…  – both for online and offline purpose.

I have also done several other jobs that need creative writing such as Trends & Future Insights, Cross Cultural Insights, Identity Analyses and much more.

You can see and read samples at my linkedIn page.

Of course have I also implemented or/and executed much of my work – so it’s both an idea, a creative and an analytical start, that many times also had been “set into action” by me.